Posted by Dave Owens
On Thursday 29th the club visited the Binnorie Dairy situated at 25 Lodge Road Lovedale. We were hosted by the owners Simon and Sally (Pictured below with President David) who made sure we had a most interesting and enjoyable evening. The Dairy has its own cheesemaking factory on site and although it wasn't operating during our visit Simon was able to give us a very detailed and informative explanation on the cheese makers art and the type of product they manufacture at Binnorie. We were then treated to a wonderful meal finished off with an enormous cheese platter accompanied by some excellent wine. The Binnorie Dairy is a relatively new business and deserves to be a great success and we would encourage people to support this local business as they support our local community. At the end of the evening our hosts were thanked by President David who presented them with a Certificate of Appreciation for their support of our Vocational Night.