Posted by Dave Owens
Annual Report 2018-19
My year as President was one of positives and negatives. On the positive we welcomed some very effective new members and our fund raising efforts have been outstanding. Our new catering trailer has proved its worth and has enhanced the Rotary presence wherever we have taken it.
Unfortunately, we had our share of negatives as well. We started the year with the loss of two of the clubs hardest working members and lost three more valuable members during the year. It has also become clear that the cost of running the club is rising particularly as the Australian Currency continues to devalue against the American. This makes our fees to Rotary International increasingly expensive and in the very near future serious consideration will have to be given to increasing our membership subscription. Additionally, as our membership ages, the pool of physically active members who can do all the hard work associated with our fund raising efforts continues to shrink and unless we can attract younger members the club will find itself in a very difficult position.
It was disappointing to me personally that we were not able to arrange a greater variety of social and vocational events within the club during the year. The club cannot continue to exist purely as a fund raising entity. There must be an equal amount of fun and fellowship in our program if we are to attract new members. We also need to publicise our club properly. We have an internal newsletter, SPOKE, which tells us what we do but it is only distributed to 55 people most of whom are members, ex-members and Friends of Rotary and that is NOT getting our message out to the wider community.. We have a website and a facebook page both of which are global and that is where we should be concentrating our efforts to get our message out. Sadly though only one club member has put any posts on the Website in the last 12 months which begs the question, are we serious about showcasing the community work we do?   
Finally, I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the Board and Directors of the club. Jo Rosee as our tireless and efficient Secretary, Vicki Steep as Fund raising Service Director for keeping us all on track, Bev Hannay for her excellent contribution as Treasurer and her work with Interact, Graham Lidbury as Sergeant and Membership Director.  Greg Bevan for his fantastic effort as Foundation Director and George Koncz for his efforts with SPOKE.  Finally, all the Directors and members who assisted with the YEP program it is such a great pity that it is not continuing next year. I would also like to thank and congratulate our Rotarian of the Year, Sharon Waite who has been an absolutely outstanding member since she joined. I only wish we had a dozen more of her. Additionally, as this is my last official function as President and as a member of this club and of Rotary, I would like to thank all the members, honorary members and friends of Rotary who are the backbone of the organisation and the reason it continues to exist.
I wish the incoming Board and the Club all the very best in the future.
R. David Owens
President 2018-19