Posted by Dave Owens
On Thursday 8th June 2017 the annual Effie O'Neill Debate between student teams from Cessnock High School and Mount View High School took place at the Cessnock Rotary Club. The debating teams were given a choice of three topics for debate and chose "School tuck-shop menus should be chosen by the students/Teachers and parents". Cessnock High School took the affirmative position and Mount View the negative. Each team consisted of 3 speakers and a researcher with the first speaker from each team speaking twice to present the opening and closing arguments. Each speaker was allowed 3minutes with the timekeeper indicating the 2minute mark with a green light, the 2minute 30second mark with an amber light and the 3 minute mark with a red light at which point the speaker had 30 seconds to conclude before point penalties could be applied. The moderator was David Clark, the timekeeper was David Owens and the Adjudicators were; Judy Clark, George Koncz and Nicole Craft who, incidentally, had been a team member during the first Effie O'Neill debate.
Both teams conducted a well prepared and vigorous debate but in the final analysis Mount View High School were adjudged the winner and were presented with the shield and first prize.