Clubrunner Website
Our Clubrunner site provides a handy repository for:
  • History
  • Photo albums
  • Details of past projects (eg., quantities of supplies for BBQs)
  • Directory of members both current and past, Friends of the club
  • Links to other Rotary websites
  • Past newsletters
  • and just about anything else that you want to save or tell the world about
This is the collective "tribal knowledge" that we always seem to lose!
It was designed by Rotarians for Rotarians. Provided you follow normal security procedures with your password your stored information is totally safe. The same personal information that would be on Clubrunner used to be written on cards. Older Rotarians will remember that there were many times that nobody even knew who had the cards!
When you decide to jump in and have a look, please call me if you have difficulties.
Cheers, Ellis