Our Club’s annual drive to help women who are homeless.  Refuges are always looking for items for women, and their children, when they are in dire needs.  And Christmas time is often the time when things are needed most. We can help!  Please bring a few items which we can collect and deliver to our friends at Jodie’s Place.  These can be soaps, deodorants, skin care items, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoos, hair conditioners, sanitary items, dish washing items, clothes washing items, towels.  And to help cater for the children – tooth brushes, toothpaste, children’s shampoo, talcum powder, disposable nappies, baby needs, tins of food, small toys, children’s books. Do not include anything which will not have a long(ish) shelf life – no foods, or other perishables. Please bring these things in as you can, and leave with Janette, who will arrange for them to go Jodie’s Place.