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Hunter Valley Garden Lights
Nov 22, 2015 – Jan 16, 2016
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Service Above Self
We meet Thursdays at 6:33 PM
Potters Hotel & Brewery
Wine Country Dr.
Cessnock, NSW  2325
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The report is a bit late this week and thanks to Ellis for putting his hand up to fill in for George who should be on holidays relaxing on a tropical island in the Pacific but sadly George had a rather nasty fall off a roof and damaged his shoulder, sorry George I do feel the pain and hope the “drugs” are working hard to give you some relief.
Ross Crump was our guest speaker this week with a passionate talk on Relay for Life in Cessnock and the changes being brought into the distribution of the funds raised locally to be used locally to support those in need of help dealing with their illness rather than all the funds going into central funds for ongoing investigation into cancer causes and treatments.  Ross expressed the need for support from local business and clubs like Rotary.
George continues to keep us up to date on Robyn’s adventures through Asia, Robyn is taking some wonderful photos and will have lots of good memories of her trip, I know many of you are not on face book but if you get a chance to take a look at Robyns’ page you will be able to follow her as she travels around the many different places.
Greg and Lorraine have returned from their trip and hope to see them back at our meetings soon, hope you are fully recovered Greg.
A reminder that the Wheeling and Able Christmas Party being held on Friday 4th December, unfortunately many of us will be at the Lights so could others please make a time to call in for this afternoon and see the delight on the children’s faces as Santa hands out gifts for all.
Ross Lidbury will be hosting next week’s meeting with a talk on the Foundation, don’t forget to bring in your “pigs” decorated and named even though you might have already handed in you donations. Knowing Ross there will be a bit of fun to be had and I believe a small prize for the best named/decorated pig.
Members are reminded that our roster begins at Hunter Valley Lights on Sunday 22nd, we need to be there at 6pm for signing, don’t forget to wear comfortable foot ware and be prepared for all weather with a rain jacket.
John Rosee has been attending our meetings on a regular basis lately with his move from Sydney to Cessnock, this Thursday we will induct John as a member of our club.  All members please make John welcome, as you have over the past weeks, this will be a partners and friends night.
Birthdays this month – Janette Jackson, Peter Carver and Ellis Aldridge, Rotary Anniversaries John Jowett.
Clubrunner Website
Our Clubrunner site provides a handy repository for:
  • History
  • Photo albums
  • Details of past projects (eg., quantities of supplies for BBQs)
  • Directory of members both current and past, Friends of the club
  • Links to other Rotary websites
  • Past newsletters
  • and just about anything else that you want to save or tell the world about
This is the collective "tribal knowledge" that we always seem to lose!
It was designed by Rotarians for Rotarians. Provided you follow normal security procedures with your password your stored information is totally safe. The same personal information that would be on Clubrunner used to be written on cards. Older Rotarians will remember that there were many times that nobody even knew who had the cards!
When you decide to jump in and have a look, please call me if you have difficulties.
Cheers, Ellis
The Spoke takes on a different appearance this week as, due to hardworking roof repairer, George's, fall and injury I've taken on the job of producing this issue. It is being generated by Clubrunner and I hope that you enjoy it.
Pig Parade:​ Foundation guru, Ross, has asked that members return their piggy banks (full of course!) so that the money containd there-in may counted and sent off to RI Foundation. There will be a mystery prize for the Piggy with the most interesting name.
Lucky Draw:​ As if by magic, Jack one the lucky draw AND the heads and tails winning two bottles of local grape juice.
Birthdays:​ Three this month: Astrid Lidbury, Janette Jackson and yours truly.
Toast:​ Margaret Maley proposed a toast to New Zealand club, Rotarua Sunrise during which she provided an amazing amount of information.
Sick Parade:​ Not only is George Koncz in hospital with a busted shoulder, PDG Greg Bevan has a nasty eruption on one of his legs. We are all thinking of you guys and wishing you a speedy recovery.
Meeting time is 6 for 6.33pm - Apologies to Graham Lidbury by 11am on Thursday
phone 0419 682 573 or Email:
REMEMBER: you will be charged for your meal if you are absent and do not apologize.