President Vicki's emotional moment

Vicki Joined the Rotary Club of Cessnock on 30th March 2011. Was President during 2014-15 and 2015-16 – she is the current President
Vicki has served the club as Director Community Services, foundation chair and just about everything else.
In 2012 Vicki joined a RAWCS project in PNG with Trish Davies as part of the Teacher Assist Kokoda project with Bev Mathews and later with Bev and Chris Mathews in Language studies and logistical/ equipment support. I remember the solar lights they provided for the villagers.
Her love for people did not stop in PNG. In 2015 she again joined a RAWCS project this time in Kenya working on building an Orphanage at OMOJA.
I rather think this will not be Vicki’s last project with RAWCS.
Vicki and her Husband, Wes, have spent much time in remote and country Australia serving the areas in which they lived.
Past President David Clark outlined the many reasons that the Rotary Club of Cessnock feels that Vicki deserves this high award. Since joining Rotary, Vicki has put her heart and soul into becoming a very valued member of our club.
Vice President George Koncz presented Vicki with the PHF Award and said, "It was my an honour to do so, and as a member of President Vicki’s board I know just how much effort she puts into our club every week. This is President Vicki’s
second year as president and this award just goes to show how much the board and the entire club think of her hard work and long hours which she has done over the years as a Rotarian. Congratulations President Vicki from all of us."




President Vicki Steep PHF