Cessnock Rotary Club, ever ready to grab a fundraising opportunity, were contacted by Bunnings Cessnock and asked to fill a community BBQ fundraising slot that had become vacant at very short notice. A scratch crew were immediately organised by IPP Vicki Steep and our club decided that all profits generated would be dedicated to the Rotary District Bushfire Appeal which is explained in the following extract from the District 9670 website:
Following the extensive bushfires which have occurred in central western NSW recently, the Rotary Club of Mudgee and Mudgee Sunrise have jointly sponsored and established a fund to assist individuals and families suffering significant loss and distress caused by the fires. The fund has been established through the Rotary Australia Benevolent Society – an arm of Rotary Australia World Community Service - and has been listed as a charitable fund. This means it has Deductible Gift Recipient status so that donations made to it are tax deductible. “Moneys donated to the fund will be used to assist those who have exhausted any assistance available from Government and Insurance resources following the Sir Ivan, Kains Flat and other fires in the Mid-Western Regional, Upper Hunter and Warrumbungle regions” the Project Manager, Margaret Barnes of the Rotary Club of Mudgee Sunrise, said today. “At last count 31 houses had been lost, as had 104 outbuildings and an unknown but significant number of livestock. The village of Uarbry, decimated by the Sir Ivan fire, lost 9 of its 12 houses and its church” she added.
The morning shift consisted of PE Graham Farish, Mark Simpson, David Owens, Vicki Steep with all the essential equipment delivered on time by David Clark. There followed a morning of fellowship punctuated by some periods of hard work with substantial sales being made and with some generous donations to the Bushfire appeal by Bunnings patrons. The afternoon shift of Greg and Lorraine Bevan, President Ross and Vicki continued on the good work culminating in a successful day with the profit of $857.20 donated to the bushfire appeal..
I should also mention one of our morning shift members who suffered a heavy fall whilst setting up but showed great dedication to the cause by completing his shift.