RYPEN is a program of personal development for young people in the age range 14 to 17 years, conducted over a weekend camp which is currently held at Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation Centre on the western side of Lake Macquarie.  A bus transports students from Dubbo and picks up students at centres on the way into the camp. This program is aimed towards students who are showing potential to develop beyond their current experience of life.  The objective is to complete the program with a greater sense of purpose, confidence and direction in making the transition into becoming an adult. 
Themes worked through over the weekend are:
• Beliefs and values (moral and ethical compass for choices)
• Self awareness
• Meeting people, friendship, trust, communication, tolerance and teamwork
• Contribution to society (giving)
• Public Speaking/Presenting
• Motivation, Goal Setting and Persistence
The program includes creative games, sports and challenging exercises which ensure a lot of fun and stimulate interest and involvement in what might otherwise be dull to teenagers.  The results have been excellent with the observation of a more positive attitude and the growth in confidence, and experienced by the Students.  Feedback from Parents and Teachers and Rotarians confirm these outcomes.
The program is programmed for the April and Sept Oct school holidays each year.  Information and Application forms are posted on the district website for downloading.  Rotary Clubs can contact the high schools in their local area to engage candidates.
Cost for a Club to sponsor a student is currently $220.00.
For more information about RYPEN in your area, contact your local Rotary club.